Embroidered Tote Bags

Would you like a great gift to give your favorite employees or clients? How about a custom embroidered tote bag or gym bag! There are many different bag styles to chose from. If you don’t see what you had in mind here, just remember if it’s made of some type of fabric we can embroider your logo on the bag. Embroidered gym bags are vary popular as gifts at bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs. The bags are also great for high school sports teams. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out how affordable it is to have your logo embroidered on some bags. Click for a free price quote on embroidered tote bags. OR you can order our standard bag embroidered with your logo on-line by clicking order embroidered bag.


We have many different styles of tote bags, back packs and gym bags. Let us embroider a bag to fit your budget. Or click here to order embroidered portfolio bags on-line.

Embroidery Everything you need to know!

You may have heard a lot of things about embroidery that are somewhat confusing.  On this page we’ll try to answer all of your questions about custom embroidery.  There are some words you’ll hear embroiderers use when discussing your custom design.  All businesses have their own unique words or lingo and we do too!  You’ll see pictures from inside our factory which will show our equipment in operation.  They say a picture is worth one thousand words.  We have several pictures here that will describe from start to finish how we go from getting a picture of your logo to embroidering that logo on a polo shirt, t-shirt, tote bag or whatever you have in mind.

Digitizing a customers artwork prior to embroidery

Here’s where we begin.  Let say you decide to e-mail us your school mascot or company logo.  We put a copy of your design into a program that’s called a “Punching” or “Digitizing” program.   The purpose is that with the aid of the digitizing program we will instruct our embroidery machines on just exactly where to place every stitch of your design.  Once this is done we have your artwork on a disk that our equipment will be able to turn into stitches on a garment.  Also, we’ll know exactly how many stitches are required to make your design.  This disk is referred to by many people as a “tape”.  Maybe at one time on old equipment some kind of tape was actually used.  We have the most modern equipment available today.   Thanks to computerized embroidery equipment, digitizing artwork is actually a full time career for many people today.  This all important process can make your logo look great or not so great if it isn’t done properly.

Control panel of Tajima embroidery machineThis is the control panel of one of our Tajima embroidery machines.  From this control panel we set up the equipment to begin stitching your design.  We can control the speed at which the stitches are sewn into the garments.  You may wonder why we don’t just operate at the maximum speed.  The speed needs to be adjusted up or down depending upon the the exact make up of the design.  If we run the machine too fast then threads will start to break.  Not only do broken threads cause us to stop the machine but, they damage your garments.  The proper speed may be different for each design.  We are located in Miami Florida which has a wide variety of garment manufacturing companies.  There are many well trained and highly skilled embroidery equipment operators in this area.  You can be assured you’ll get work you’ll be proud of when you decide to do business with Miami Stitch Embroidery.

In this picture we have put a round “hoop” on the polo shirt. Just like in the old days when a hoop was used by grandma when she embroidered your name by hand on a shirt, we still use hoops today. The hoop holds a section of fabric open and flat without any wrinkles. The hoop will be secured onto the embroidery machine and it will be moved by the machine as needed to place the stitches in their proper place. The embroidery “head” or the part of the machine that actually stitches the design remains stationary. Hoops come in different sizes and shapes depending upon the size of the design and the type of garment. We have hoops for big designs that may fill the entire back of a jacket. We have specially shaped hoops for baseball caps. We have small hoops for left chest logos.

Here’s a great picture that shows several things happening at once.  The hoop can be seen attached to the embroidery machine which will move it very quickly and precisely to line up exactly where the stitches will be placed.  You can see nine silver needles and their holders.  Since we have nine needles per head you may have correctly guessed we can embroider a nine color design.  Do you see that the second needle from the left is moving?  We were actually embroidering this design when the photo was taken.  You can also see the embroidery head which says “Tajima”.  Just like with computers when someone asks you, “is your computer IBM compatible”, in embroidery they ask, “is your digitized art Tajima compatible”.  We have three big embroidery machines and when we got into the business we decided to use the industry standard, Tajima.

Here you can see two of our three machines.  The one with the green shirts is a 15 head machine.  This means that we can embroider 15 shirts at a time.  However, we can only embroider one design per machine at a time.  If we needed to have 12 shirts embroidered for one customer we would have 3 heads unused.  We would not be able to embroider some other design on on any of the unused heads.  This is why embroidery shops want big orders.  It’s more economical to keep all the heads of the machine running.  We still accept small orders of as little as 12 shirts, it just requires more time to stop and restart our machine.  Therefore, the more of an item you have us embroider at one time, the lower your cost will be.

The finished product that will be delivered to our customer will be the result of everything you’ve seen above.  A highly experienced digitizer will turn your logo or picture into embroidery instructions.  Our skilled operators will hoop your design and set it up on the machine.  Modern, computerized Tajima equipment will embroider your design.  We’ll ship your caps, polo shirts or bags to your office as quickly as possible.

When you stop and think about it, so many others like the people at the Orange Bowl committee have trusted us year after year to embroider their caps, bags and shirts, you should feel very confident in having us produce top quality embroidery work for you also.

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